Thursday, December 18, 2008

Scully's Tips

For those of you wondering about all of the amazing advice that Michael Scully presented SPJ members here are some notes from Secretary Samantha Allen breaking down Scully's tips for job hunting.

Michael Scully, 1987 Ithaca Graduate:

In the news industry, it helps to “MOVE AROUND!”

Young person’s game ~ get to where you want to be at 35, not 40

Newspaper is dying, but the News Industry is not.

No longer can a student define himself or herself as print or TV ~ you are Multimedia!
Multimedia Expert:

Learn how to write features, edit and shoot video.
Television is exploding, everywhere!

You are multimedia expert with an expertise in AP Style, Feature Writing (Wall Street Journal Style)
~ Before leaving college you should learn how to write TV copy, Radio Copy

The magazine industry is based in NYC within 10 blocks of the Rockefeller; they are all there! (BusinessWeek, Rolling Stone, Life)

Be as creative as possible!
Ask upperclassmen for ideas for internship, where they interned first
The further from NYC, the more TV interns / NYC is magazine.

(“If you’re out of a job, your job is to look for one.”)

Word to the Wise: Non one hires in the summer, starts in Sept. 1st (the summer after college you either become an intern or a lifeguard!)

The intern culture has exploded!
Boston Globe is coming up, the Wall Street Journal is already done.

Electronic or Email Submissions/ suggest SNAIL MAIL (and never go cheap!)
Your resume package should be well-crafted:
Clips (print)
Video Clips (on DVD)
Cover Letter (opportunity specific)
There may be references
Resume (not exceeding one page)

THE COVER LETTER: 4 paragraphs.
It is a writing sample, be meticulous, no spelling errors! Check every word.

1. I am applying for…IN BOLD.
2. Why I want to work for you, been reading you my whole life.
3. Why you should hire me (At IC, they taught me how to…) (Check out my clips!)
4. Saying goodbye ( thanks for your interest, I will call you in 1 week to demonstrate my interest).

CALL THEM! Call at 7 a.m., last call of the cycle, the last one they will receive when checking their voice mail.

WHAT TO SAY: Interest in…, sent you a resume package, should be on your desk, call me at this number (90 seconds tops!)
Make them know who you are, if they call, they will try to get you off the phone as soon as possible.

Writings from class in your clip package.

Samples, Ithacan – use online version, no clip files from newspaper
References – with three names, tell your contacts first!
Resume – it will look flat, you haven’t done a lot!
Done something cool? Put it on there!; have them talk to you in the interview – lifeguarding? Running bed and breakfast?


greeting cards in the package – with Monet, classy, painting
“thanks for looking at this, here is my name and phone number.”
They may post it on your wall and never forget you, journalists typically don’t decorate their office!


Fedex, UPS packages go on top (overnight packages)
Postal Service saves you money! 2 day delivery service (cheaper, $4.50 vs. $15).
Mail boys put them on top!
Send on a Monday, received Weds, call Thurs 7 a.m.

If they call you back, make your voice mail professional.
~ be as professional as you can, out of the gate

Clothing: Professional, but neat, Washington Post, dress like the editor, but nicer!

Women: blouse, skirt
Men: slacks, blazer

TV is picky… print wanted by TV

semi–daily basis: Write once a week!
– talk to a mass audience.

If they like you, it will last 90 minutes.
If they don’t, only 15 minutes.

APPLICATION TESTS: especially for the wires (like AP !)
Collect business cards throughout the interview, send thank you notes always!

Know the language!
B–Roll, VO, SOT, middy shot, jump cut

Send 2 resumes per week, or 1 day, 25 by the end of the month (75 end of summer)
Meet your quota so you can earn your weekend!
You’re entitled to enjoy the weekend.


If it says “do not call,” DO NOT CALL.
You can be “blacklisted!”

PUT YOUR STUFF ONLINE: have a business card, “check out my site!”

HOW MANY CLIPS SHOULD WE SEND? 7 to 10, 5 not good
Resume? 1 page, TV Resumes, don’t be boring, make it look good!

NO more than 10 paragraphs per entry
1 video, picture per entry

Topics? Write what you know! Pick what interests you.

1 phone call, if it’s your home paper, try harder!

Weeklies are more fun than dailies.

DON’T JUMP AT YOUR FIRST OFFER! Take a few days, say you need to talk to your family.
Consider cost of living? Shift? Healthcare benefits?

Ask softball stuff – show interest that demonstrates knowledge of organization
How many exporters do you have? How long has your city editor worked there?

Posting resume on ?
Never that beneficial but worth a shot.
Check out MEDIABISTRO.COM – for magazines in NYC

COVER LETTER? Make sure you send it to the right person!
No typos/ spelling errors
12 sentences tops!
Write your number in person, let them know there’s a human at the end.

Cover Letter should read like a writing sample!
You understand the organization. “I’m a fan of bruins, red sox,” make sure you don’t forget to say the Celtics!

Writing about yourself: Be creative and fun, don’t lie.

Check out these at IC:
Buzzsaw haircut
Ithaca Journal
Ithaca Times

Take advantage of Scully's advice!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Semester Wrap-Up

Last night former Ithaca College professor, Michael Scully, joined SPJ via Skype for the final event of the semester. The theme of Scully's presentation was job hunting and he provided students with advice on putting together resume packages, how to handle and what to do at interviews, and on internships. I hope that everyone enjoyed his presentation and was able to take a lot out of it.

Following Scully's presentation SPJ held elections and voted in the new Executive Board for spring and fall semesters of 2009. Congratulations to President Allie Musante, Vice President Samantha Allen, Secretary Andrew Buraczenski and Treasurer Jackie Palochko who will take over when we return in the spring.

I hope everyone enjoyed the past semester and looks forward to another great semester when we return after winter break!