Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Building Online Communities: Making Journalism a Two-Way Conversation"

Journalism Week continued today first with a lunch with Jeff Selingo, an Ithaca College graduate from 1995 who is currently the editor of the Chronicle of Higher Education. The discussion was titled "From Classroom to Career: Thoughts on the Future of Journalism Education" and he spoke with students about how he advanced through his career following his education here at Ithaca College.

Then this evening Vanessa Schneider, Ithaca alumnus from 2007, along with Wes Siler shared with students how they got to where they are today in their early careers as journalists. Both Schneider and Siler have print backgrounds and are both now working in online journalism. Schneider currently works as a content moderator for the New York Times online and Siler is the Road Test Editor for Jalopnik.com as well as the editor and co-founder of Hell For Leather Magazine online. It was encouraging to hear the amazing accomplishments of these two young journalists.

Thanks to Selingo, Schneider and Siler!

Don't forget to attend lunch tomorrow with Dianne Lynch, Dean of the Roy H. Park School of Communications for a discussion on the Future of American Journalism in Park 220 from noon to 1.


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